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  • Development Frames  (Anti chassis)

  • Development Backplanes

  • Electronic Extenders

  • Passive Extenders

  • Short Extenders and adapters

  • Prototyping Boards

  • RTMs

  • SFP+, XFP  Carriers and RTMs


  • Custom modifications to products

  • Custom Bus products


  • VPX

  • CompactPCI

  • CompactPCI Serial

  • CompactPCI Express

In our Products section, you will find a wide selection of Development Frames and Backplanes,  Extenders, Adapters,  Connector boards, Prototyping boards,  as well as  RTMs and  Carriers with SFP+ and XFP cages for VPX, cPCI, cPCI-Serial and cPCIExpress buses. 

And if you do not find exactly what you are looking for, make sure to give our technical sales a call at 1-877-692-9266 to find out how quickly and economically we can modify our existing products to satisfy your specific needs.


with Development Frames

VPX 3U development frame with backplane

AZ-COM has introduced a series of  Full Aces Open Frames  for VPX, cPCI, cPCI-Serial and cPCI Express  architectures.  This devices offer a number of advantages over expensive full size chassis and development chassis.