Designed to allow safe insertion and removal of tested cards while keeping power to the system “ON”. This devices save time needed to re-boot computer and eliminate failures of the test system due to constant power cycling. Software interface allows control and monitoring of the extenders via software interface.

Raise tested cards out of the computer frame for easy probing and testing. Features include test points and test pin headers, ability to monitor current consumption and to connect external power for voltage margining.

Used to protect connectors on the Motherboard, Backplane or the top of Electronic Extenders from friction caused by the repeated insertion and removal of DUT.

Allow quickly building simple circuits and connecting them to computer bus. For more complicated designs we offer custom modifications to existing products and a full spectrum of design services.

When using extender cards mechanical stability of DUT can be an issue. Frame Extenders are the solution.

When transferring existing design to a new bus engineer may want to test it before creating new layout. Bus adapters allow plugging of the existing devices into new systems that are not mechanically compatible with bus cards.

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